New farms in the Zadar area


With current production around 7,000 tons, Cromaris is among the ten largest producers of sea bream and sea bass in Europe. The aim is to achieve production of 10,000 tons of high-quality fish, which is why we increased the number of locations for fish farming from five to seven. Along with the previous three farms in the central Adriatic area – Lamjan, Košar and Velo Žalo, production was started at two new farms – Kudica and Žman. The Kudica farm is situated along one of the ten islands that surround the island of Iž, while Žman farm is located along the uninhabited part of Dugi otok, between Luka and Žman.   Cromaris farms are among the most modern in the Mediterranean, taking special care of the environment. Both new locations are equipped with high-end automatic feeding systems, robots for cleaning fishing nets and a modern fleet for harvesting fish. All this allows daily harvesting and rapid shipment of fish from the farm to the sorting center in Zadar where the fish is shipped throughout Europe every day, and is dispatched “extra fresh” to the market within 12-48 hours of harvest.

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