We use natural resources in a responsible way

Commitment to sustainability has been an integral part of our corporate culture for many years, and since 2015 we have been proud holders of the Friend of the Sea certificate, which is the leading standard for certification of products and services that respect and protect the marine environment.
We have progressed in all dimensions of our sustainability strategy and in 2019 we’ve certified all our farms and all commercially grown species with ASC certificate , which confirms the environmentally and socially responsible seafood production. Through the organization, our people passionately and successfully develop new solutions for sustainable and responsible production.

Global sustainability challenges moved into the spotlight which motivated us to further accelerate our efforts, becoming a climate positive company, finding a way to reduce all types of waste, using fish feed and raw materials from sustainable sources, protecting biodiversity and marine ecosystems as well ass respecting human rights along the entire value chain.

We are continuously working on achieving short-term, as well as long term strategic goals in order to remain the leading company in terms of sustainability and quality.

Our commitment to nature

  • Regular monitoring of all farms with special focus on water and sediment quality, oxygen saturation, benthic biodiversity
  • No use of copper on the nets on any of our fish farms
  • Waste trend analysis- management and reduction of all types of waste from production
  • Recyclable, eco-friendly packaging
  • Energy consumption awareness and optimization, carbon footprint
Our commitment to nature

Responsible and sustainable business practices

  • Sustainability report publication – analysis of sustainable farming, determination of bottlenecks and goals
  • Fish welfare care
  • Health management
  • Fish feed sustainable formulations and improved fish conversion rate
  • Monitoring of sea meadows and their condition in area of 500m around cages
  • Photoperiod in hatchery follows natural photoperiod
Responsible and sustainable business practices

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