We are the first company in the Mediterranean aquaculture industry to be publishing yearly Sustainability Report!

New species in Cromaris premium product range! Greater amberjack, original Mediterranean Seriola dumerili

Cromaris has won Superior Taste Award 2021 for all five of its tested products: Sea bass, Seabream, Meagre, Greater amberjack and Dentex

An average Omega-3 / Omega-6 fatty acid ratio in Cromaris Sea bass & Seabream of 1.0, is one of the best in the industry

We’ve just launched Adriatic Dentex, the jewel in the crown of Cromaris premium fresh fish assortment!

A leading premium positioned company in the production and processing of Mediterranean fish in the world



This summer fish is on fire

This summer

fish is on fire

As the days get warmer, the most fun outdoor activity begins: the grilling season! That is why we have prepared a lot of of tips, useful information and recipes, providing you with everything you need to know about fish on fire…

  • Grilled meagre steak
    30 min
    The steak is ready to be flipped if you can separate it from the grill and done when it becomes white in color on both sides.
  • Grilled sea bream
    20 min
    A 300–400 g gilthead bream should be grilled for 10–15 minutes. If the fish is bigger, you can cut the skin lengthways along the central bone.
  • Sea bass fillet preparation on a grilling plank
    30 min
    A special grilling plank made of cedar is used. The plank should be soaked in water for at least two hours.
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