Cromaris is recognized in the industry primarily as a leader in freshness and top quality that is confirmed by independent certification institutions. All our products hold numerous certificates and standards confirming our quality.

Back in 2011, Cromaris certified its operations according to international ISO standards that lay the foundations for all other standards – ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Since then, Cromaris has been upgrading its quality standards year after year, first to meet the highest food safety standards (GFSI standards) and then to make its production responsible and sustainable. In this way, we meet additional requirements related to environmental protection and animal welfare and confirm social responsibility by taking care for our workers and the local community.
Part of Cromaris’ production is also certified against the ecological standards according to EU regulations, on the basis of which our products hold the signs of ecological production EU organic farming, AB Agriculture Biologique (for the French market) and BioSiegel (for the German market). We have additionally certified organic products against the BioSuisse certificate for the Swiss market.

Cromaris certificates

Sustainability, environmental protection and social responsibility

Food Safety (GFSI standards)

We have recently received one additional ecological standard for the Swiss market:

Cromaris has obtained the ANTIBIOTIC FREE CERTIFICATION for the WHOLE LIFE CYCLE of Sea Bass, Sea Bream and Meagre.

All our products are covered by Kosher certification confirms that Cromaris products are prepared according to Jewish food laws.

    Cromaris, has received recognition for the top quality of its products for yet another year in a row (the Superior Taste Award). The said award, the most prestigious food and beverages industry award in the world, has been awarded by the International Taste Institute from Brussels since 2005. Cromaris has received the Superior Taste Award 2021 for all five of its tested products: sea bass, sea bream, meagre, greater amberjack and dentex.