About Us

Cromaris is a leading premium positioned company in production and processing of high quality Mediterranean fish and the sixth biggest company in the world in farming of sea bass and seabream, and the fastest growing company with a trend of further growth.

Our mission
is to develop a culture of healthy and balanced nutrition and the consumption of seafood

Our vision
is to be leading premium positioned company in production and processing of mediterranean fish species recognised by freshness, sustainable production and premium quality – target 18.000+ WFE tonnes

Cromaris was established in 2009 by merging the pioneers of Croatian and European aquaculture, so the tradition of Mediterranean fish farming lasts for more than 40 years.

  • Total revenue (2019): 63m EUR
  • Sales (2019): 9.500+ WFE tonnes
  • Number of employees: 500+

The company’s headquarters are located in Zadar, as well the processing facility. Of the six farms, one is located in Istria (northern Adriatic) and five in the Zadar area (central Adriatic). All sites of the farm were selected because of the extremely clean sea and untouched nature, away from any possible pollutants. On the place of the old hatchery opened in the year 1981 in Nin, one of the most modern facilities for premium quality Mediterranean fish spawning in Europe was opened in 2015.

Today, Cromaris is recognized on the market as a leader in quality, which, in addition to consumer confidence, is confirmed by numerous certificates, but also strict controls of all processes and products. Cromaris is certified according to ISO standards 9001, 14001, 22000, BRC and IFS Food for quality, environmental management and food safety. It also holds ASC, GlobalG.A.P and Friend of the Sea for aquaculture sustainability, and Kosher and Living Healthy certificates. In addition, part of farming is based on organic production, which is a growing trend in the world and is in line with growing health awareness. Cromaris organic sea bass and sea bream are farmed with the application of strict ecological standards proved by certificates for organic production: European eco-certificate, Bio Siegel, Agriculture Biologique, Naturland and BioSuisse. Own and unique fish feed recipe is developed by Cromaris R&D experts, a recipe for each species is specially adapted to best suit the species’ needs, life cycle and environmental factors.

Our strategic positioning

  • Differentiation
  • Understanding of consumers’ needs
  • Customer focused
  • Innovation
  • Skilled management team
  • Satisfied and loyal employees
Our strategic positioning

By 2020, more than 140 million euros have been invested in technology for farming, production and processing. Investments will continue with the intention of achieving the highest level of industrial efficiency and the development of sustainable aquaculture with systematic care for the environment.

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