New design for smoked and marinated sea bream and sea bass delicacies


As a result of our need to constantly improve our products and based on our clients’ requests, a re-designed line of smoked and marinated delicacies will be available in stores from July.   Apart from the refreshed smoked fillet packaging design, the whole packaging was improved with a larger opening on its front side, enabling better visibility of the product itself.   The plastic cover on the marinated fillet packaging was replaced with a more natural cardboard material. The product’s recipe was also improved by adding extra virgin olive oil and herbs – chives and arugula, with herbs da Provence and lemon aroma.   Packaging information has been supplemented with new certificates – IFS, Friend of the Sea and GlobalG.A.P. which further emphasize our focus on the product and process quality. Also, all information on our new packaging complies with EU regulation requirements prescribing mandatory nutrition labelling, i.e. nutrition declarations as of 13 December 2016.   The packaging was designed by the Bruketa&Žinić Agency and its production was done by Istragrafika d.d.   Learn more about the re-designed products under Products section:

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