Turbot – innovation in farming


After the successful farming of dentex in 2012, we have also met a new challenge – we successfully farmed turbot in the Budava bay in Istria in 2014. Turbot is a rare autochthonous Adriatic fish which enjoys the premium status with chefs, but also with fish and healthy food lovers. It is flat and shaped like a rhombus. Nutritionally, turbot is a white fish with exceptionally low fat content and an extraordinary source of protein, minerals (magnesium and selenium) and vitamins (B12, B6 and Niacin). Apart from lovers of fish delicacies, it is recommended to athletes, children, and patients on special care due to its beneficial nutritional characteristics. It is also very popular in the catering industry due to its reputation as one of the most praised fish that can be found in the Adriatic Sea. It can be prepared in various ways, and connoisseurs recommend it roasted in the oven with vegetables.    NUTRIENTS       Fresh Cromaris turbot PROTEINS 18,5 g (37 % GDA) FATS 0,7 g (1 % GDA) Energy value 80,3 kcal / 340,4 kJ Phosphorus 0,18 g (25,17 % GDA) Calcium 0,14 g  (17,5 % GDA) Sodium 0,12 g – 0,30 g salt  (5 % GDA)   GDA – Guideline Daily Amounts for adult persons (2000 kcal/8400 kJ) Source: Chemical analysis; Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, HVI Zagreb, 03 December 2014

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