This summer fish is on fire!

As the days get warmer, the most fun outdoor activity begins: the grilling season! That is why we have prepared a lot of of tips, useful information and recipes, providing you with everything you need to know about fish on fire..

There will be a handful of practical “tips & tricks” on how to prepare fish for grill – doesn’t matter if you’re preparing whole fish, fillets or steaks. In cooperation with top chefs and food bloggers, we have prepared specially created new recipes that will for sure create desire and serve as an inspiration for your unforgettable culinary masterpieces this summer…

We have also prepared a “step-by-step” videos for those of you who may not have yet embarked on a grilling adventure that includes top-quality fresh fish and who have not had the chance to see how simple the preparation of grilled fish is, not to mention healthy and incredibly tasty.

How to prepare fish for grilling?

How to make a marinade Triestina?

But for starters, let’s begin with some information on why the fresh fish is the right choice for your next grilling venture: