The new look of Cromaris fishmongers


With the aim of improving the service we offer our consumers, we have redesigned our key points of sale in Zagreb, Zadar, and Rovinj. Our redesigned fishmongers convey the freshness and quality of Cromaris fish and shellfish from the Adriatic Sea. The implementation of resistant and durable materials and appropriately designed markets makes maintenance simple and more practical. New branding and clear product and price marking helps balance direct communication within the sales area, while also improving the selling process itself.   The Cromaris fishmongers in Zadar and at Zagreb’s Dolac open air market have been designed in accordance with the city markets’ spatial requirements. Apart from its new interior design, the fish market in Rovinj has also received a new facade made from expanded aluminum furnished with signs for communicating with customers. Furthermore, the glass shop window has also been expanded to improve the atmosphere through a brighter interior with more natural light.   The points of sale were redesigned by Brigada d.o.o from Zagreb, a company that specializes in point of sale optimisation, product design, and architecture.   Locations and contacts of Cromaris fishmongers can be found at the following link:   Picture copyright: Dominik Cergna (Brigada)

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