Farm locations

All our farming locations are chosen for their exceptional sea purity and quality which is a basic precondition for quality fish farming. We have seven farms, six in Zadar’s area (central Adriatic) and one located in Istria (northern Adriatic).

Lamjana Farm

This farm is located near Lamjana bay at the island of Ugljan. The fish are grown in floating cages in the open sea. There is no potential contaminants in the near and distant surroundings, and the sea is of high quality and purity.

Košara Farm

Our largest farm is located on a small island of Košara, southwest of the island of Pašman. In the vicinity of the farm is world famous National Park “Kornati”.

Velo žalo Farm

At one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean is the farm Velo žalo, situated in a cove Velo žalo on the island Dugi otok. Like the Košara Farm it is also in an immediate vicinity to the National Park “Kornati”.

Kudica Farm

Kudica Farm is located next to a group of islands surrounding the island Iž. Kudica farm is specialized for organic fish farming.

Žman farm

Žman farm is located along the uninhabited part of Dugi otok, between Luka and Žman.

Budava Farm

Budava Farm is located on the Istrian peninsula, in one of the most beautiful bays of the area, bay Budava. An interesting fact about this site is that for many years it had been under the protection of the army leaving the nature in the bay and around the bay completely intact.

Sustainabilityleading in sustainable production of Mediterranean fish

Qualityleading in quality production of Mediterranean fish

Efficiency– the most efficient farming of Mediterranean species in the Adriatic sea

Differentiation – efficient production of diversified portfolio