Results of Cromaris’ Business Satisfaction Survey


The satisfaction of our business partners is an important factor in our business orientation. It not only represents the key to gaining partners’ loyalty, but also the basis for achieving a competitive advantage and business success. Cromaris d.d. aims to achieve the highest standards of service quality, customer confidence in the execution of services, constant availability of services, attaining and retaining customer trust, as well as constant care and attention to the customer. Existing standards are constantly being enhanced, adjusted and improved. Achieving a sustainable competitive advantage and long-term customer relationships, as well as superior value, results in customer retention and repurchase, which in turn leads to profitability. Every year, in line with these goals, Cromaris conducts a survey among its customers to examine the steps the company has taken and to build new relationships by delivering a high level of satisfaction. Cromaris’ total business in 2020 was rated with an extremely high average score of 4.55 (2019. – 4,21) on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest possible rating which proves that customers have recognized the improvement of Cromaris in all business aspects. The company’s image, availability and communication of Cromaris employee and quality of delivered products  were rated at an average score higher than 4.7.

The business activities of Cromaris d.d. were rated with an average score of 4.62. Customers are satisfied with the manner and conditions of dealing with complaints, and their evaluation of the availability and communication with employees received the highest score of all the examined categories. The products’ quality and price was rated at an average score of 4.57. Customers are satisfied with the quality of the delivered product, and with the quality compared to other producers. Product packaging and delivery were rated at an average score of 4.51. The launch new species, redesigned MAP and smoked fillets range, as well as the continuous implementation of new methods, will allow for greater efficiency and rationality within this aspect of the company’s operations.  With constant investments in state-of-the-art technology and the harmonization of procedures with the most exacting standards, which serve as the basis for the company’s certification by the most reputable certification issuers, Cromaris d.d. continues to grow, develop and improve its products, service and relationships year after year.

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