Sea bass fillets with vegetables in soy sauce

30 min preparation


Sea bass fillets with vegetables in soy sauce is a complete second course with a side dish, tasty and easy to prepare. Zucchini, peppers, and carrots are cut into strips and cooked in a pan with soy sauce to flavor them: they are cooked just enough to make them crispy and tasty. Sea bass fillets are cooked in the same sauce and are perfectly blended!

The author of this recipe is Studenti Ai Fornelli



Wash and cut the vegetables into julienne or strips, not too thick. Fry the garlic clove with olive oil in a non-stick pan. Add the vegetables and cook with lid on until slightly tender. Season with salt, add the dill and occasionally stir, then remove the garlic and pour in the soy sauce, and keep cooking. They should become crispy.


Remove the vegetables from the pan, add the sea bass fillets, add the dill and drizzle with the soy sauce dressing. Season with salt and cook, then add the previously cooked vegetables and finish cooking for a few more minutes. Serve on a plate.

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