Roasted sea bass on a bed of fennel with a dried tomato sauce

40 min preparation


Clean the sea bass and dry it with a paper towel in order to prevent sticking and cracking of skin.

Note: Pay attention to the saltiness of the dried tomatoes so the dish is not too salty in the end. If you want the fish to be more aromatic, put a sprig of fresh seasoning herb and lightly crushed garlic clove into the inside of the fish during roasting. You can serve mildly refreshing dry red wine with the fish.

20 minutes preparation time

20 minutes cooking time


Roast the fish on a well heated pan with oil and coarse salt. Roast the sea bass on both sides. When turning the fish, brush the side that is not on the grill with a little olive oil so the fish does not dry out.


For chips, grate the fennel and let it dry out in the oven for about 5 minute at 200°C until it starts turning a little brown, making sure it does not burn. For the dried tomato sauce, combine chopped dried tomatoes with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Put the roasted sea bass on a bed of fennel and drizzle the dried tomato sauce over it.   

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