Oven-baked Dentex

60 min preparation


First prepare the dressing. Finely chop the garlic, coriander and chilli, and grate the ginger, adding everything to a bowl with vegetable stock. Add the oyster sauce and lime juice and mix everything well.


Score the gutted fish three times on each side, add salt and top with fresh coriander sprigs and slices of lime. Place the fish on an oblong tray. Place the tray in a deeper baking tray with a grille, carefully pour hot water into the tray, cover everything and close tightly with aluminium foil. Put it in a preheated oven and bake, that is, cook by steaming for 25-30 minutes at 200°C. When the fish is done, transfer to a plate, pour over the cooking juices and serve with mizuna salad and cooked jasmine rice.

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