Cromaris smoked sea bass fillets

Shelf life: 45 days
Energy value: 146 kcal per 100 g

Smoked sea bass is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus, protein, unsaturated fatty acids and is a source of vitamin E.  Cromaris gourmet smoked fillets are ready to eat, they can be served as a standalone treat or as an inspiration for delicious gourmet creations with a bit of pasta, vegetables or any other side dish of your choice.

Ingredients: Sea bass (lat. Dicentrarchus labrax), salt, seasoning mix, pepper


  • Net amount 100 g
  • Transport packaging 10 pieces
  • Instructions 0° C to +7° C
  • Individual package dimension 18,4x2x23,4 cm
  • Display package dimension 21x13x25 cm
  • Number of products in display package 10
  • Transport boxes dimension (6 display package) 55,0x26,5x25,0 cm
  • Pallet dimension 80x120 cm
  • Number of rows on pallet 3
  • Total number of transport boxes on a pallet 99
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