Cromaris dentex

Shelf life: 12 days
Energy value: 707 kJ/169 kcal per 100g

Cromaris dentex (Dentex dentex) belongs to the porgy (Sparidae) family  and it is considered to be one of the „premium fish” species. Dentex is of solid build, especially the front part of the head with its strong jaws and very large, sharp fangs after which it got its name. Cromaris Dentex is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, phosphorus and proteins and is a source of vitamin D and E.


  • Box options (with lid) 3 kg / 6kg
  • Pallet dimension 120 cm x 100 cm
  • Number of rows on pallet 11
  • Total number of boxes on a pallet 88 / 110
  • Storage conditions on ice, 0˚- +2˚C

Available sizes

Whole ungutted fish
300-400; 400-600g, 600-800g, 800-1.000g
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