Careers inspired by the sea

We believe in healthy and balanced diet and that healthy food can be tasty and delicious while its production sustainable and responsible.

Each day we strive to be more modern, better and more innovative and we know that innovation and success take persistence and consistency as well as confidence -in ourselves and in our team. We believe in diversity and we see the uniqueness of each individual as our advantage and opportunity for growth and development, because only as one team, through best practice sharing, knowledge and experience we become the best and stay on top.

We are welcoming new ideas, stimulate creativity and encourage professional and personal development. Our colleague Nastija Kodelja Perović started career in Cromaris when the company was founded, today she is managing the sales organization office. Take a look at her story:

Our colleague Lana Barić started career in Cromaris in 2011, today she is managing our Hatchery in Nin. Take a look at her story:

Our colleague Alen Bajnoci like Lana Barić started career in Cromaris through a trainee program Future in Adris, today he is a chief technologist officer on our farms. Take a look at his story:

Our colleague Monika Šimunić started career in Cromaris as a food technologist, today she is a processing manager. Take a look at his story:

Our colleague Jurica Perišić started career in Cromaris as a warehouse career, today he is a transport coordinator. Take a look at his story:

Awards and Recognition

We recognize and award great results and achievements, because we know that behind each great result there is an excellent team.

Awards and Recognition

Professional growth and development

We are continuously investing in education of our employees and keeping the pulse on the market demands and modern consumer needs, as this is the only way to ensure growth.

Professional growth and development

Team spirit

We know that team spirit is a key element of success and it has to be nurtured, so we are regularly organizing team “meet-up” occasions and various sports events, out of which most popular are Adris corporate games.

Team spirit

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