Our “Well raised fish” are going to New York


After great recognition by the Vienna based Lürzer’s Archive, one of the world’s most prominent magazines celebrating creative excellence in the marketing communications industry, which published our ads “Well raised fish” in its January issue, we received a pleasant surprise from New York. The Poster House museum in New York City expressed a desire to include our ads in its permanent collection of global creative achievements, which will be available to the worldwide audience by the end of the year.   The purpose of these ads is to send a message to the consumers of fresh fish that our fish is truly “well raised fish” because of the exceptional attention given to breeding in the clean Adriatic Sea. Fish farms located in the northern and central Adriatic, the technologically advanced process of fish breeding, operational excellence, adherence to strict environmental standards, ensured traceability, and the production concept “from the sea to the table” all guarantee the delivery of certified-quality fresh fish in a minimum time frame to retailers across Europe.   The ads that impressed the creative industry were designed by the agency Bruketa&Žinić OM, and this is yet another recognition of creative communication solutions developed as part of our successful collaboration over many years.

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