Our brave boys, winners of the “Vjesnik Blue Ribbon” award for great courage


Six brave Cromaris employees are the winners of this year’s prestigious “Vjesnik Blue Ribbon” award for great courage, which was presented to them at a ceremony in Dubrovnik on December 8th 2015. Vicenco Luštica, Josip Košta, Marin Školjarev, Mate Matacin, Josip Kraljić and Domagoj Gregov risked their lives to save a seriously injured boater from a burning speedboat.   As they were ending their shift at the Mala Lamjana fish farm on that hot August day, they saw a plume of smoke two miles away. They immediately headed towards the speedboat that was on fire with a fast catamaran and saw a man on the deck also caught by fire. They moored alongside the speedboat and started putting out the fire and saving the injured man. “The only thing on our minds was to save that poor boater who had burns all over his body. In those moments, we were, of course, aware of the danger that the boat might explode, but the most important thing was to save the man, who probably wouldn’t survive if we had gotten there a minute later,” recall the brave boys who transported the victim to the Cromaris pier in Mala Lamjana, where the ambulance they called in the meantime took over in just 10 minutes.   “Actually, it was only at the award ceremony that we realised what we had done and what could have happened that day, and it is a wonderful feeling when you see how saving a human life is still appreciated. What can we say, we are proud and honoured,” Marin Školjarev said on his behalf and on behalf of his colleagues at the “Vjesnik Blue Ribbon” award ceremony.   (PHOTO: www.pomorac.net)

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