Obtained the ANTIBIOTIC FREE certification for the whole life cycle of Sea Bass, Sea Bream and Meagre!


CROMARIS has obtained the ANTIBIOTIC FREE CERTIFICATION for the WHOLE LIFE CYCLE of Sea Bass, Sea Bream and Meagre. In-line with our long term dedication to highest quality standards and keeping consumers’ health and safety our priorities, Cromaris team of experts invented innovative fish health care system based on continuous health controls. This system allows us to grow our fish without use of antibiotics through whole life cycle and meet emerging expectations of quality Mediterranean fish consumers throughout the World.

Antibiotic Free Certificate according to DNV’s STP-80 technical specification represents not only the highest possible standard in consumer’s health and safety protection but also proves Cromaris’ commitment to animal welfare and sustainability.

To keep fish antibiotic free for the whole life cycle is extremely demanding process which is the reason why  ANTIBIOTIC FREE CERTIFICATION for the WHOLE LIFE CYCLE is  very rare in whole Mediterranean aquaculture industry.

Being able to lead the whole industry in aspects of consumers’ health and safety, animal welfare and sustainability as well as in taste and quality of products makes us proud and motivates us to continue with uncompromised top quality products policy in the future.

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