New in our offer – skin packaged fillets and steaks !


Following the trends in the food industry, Cromaris has launched new products with a so-called “skin” packaging. High-quality white fish – sea bass, sea bream and meagre – are available to consumers as deboned fillets in an innovative, wrinkle-free packaging that preserves the freshness, colour and integrity of the product, and offers a more immediate shopping experience. The product is covered with only a thin protective film, so it can be seen and felt at the point of sale. The “skin” packaging is characterised by a modern design that accentuates the benefits of Cromaris fish and provides consumers with information on the type of fish and the method used to raise it. The packaging includes a QR code that enables the customer to take a virtual walk around the fish farm and explore the conditions in which the fish is being raised. In addition to the virtual walk, the company’s website,, also features new recipes for quick and simple dishes using Cromaris fillets and steaks.  Developing a product portfolio with “skin” packaging is in line with Cromaris’ differentiation strategy, and sales revenue from differentiated products currently makes up around 43% of total sales.

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