New in our offer – packaged fresh fillets and steaks!


In order to facilitate buying, preparing and eating fish for our customers, we have added new products in the segment of fresh fish packed in a modified atmosphere: packed fresh fillets of sea bass, sea bream and meagre and fresh meagre steaks.   High quality packaged gutted or filleted fish is an ideal choice for quick and convenient preparation of healthy and delicious meals. All our products are well known for their freshness and certified quality. Additional benefits of the new products are easy to buy the availability of the product at points of sale which do not have a fish counter fast meal preparation – meals are immediately ready to cook packaged in a modified atmosphere, preserving the freshness and quality of the fish fixed weight of the product information on the packaging: origin, nutritional values, certificates, storage conditions, expiration date.   Ease of purchase and quick preparation of already filleted fish proves that preparation of healthy and delicius meal does not require a long and complicated preparation.   Learn more about the products in the Products section.   You can find new imaginative recipes in the Recipes section

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