Masterclass by Cromaris

Cromaris fish of top quality and freshness is present on the menus of top restaurants throughout Europe. The exceptional taste and quality of Cromaris fish was also recognized by the jury of the International Taste Institute from Brussels, which consists of judges selected from the most prestigious European culinary associations and who awarded all Cromaris species with Superior Taste Award 2021 stars. The goal of the Masterclass by Cromaris is to get to know all the professionals and those who want to become one with Cromaris fish with the help of top chefs, all to make it easier for you to find Cromaris fish dishes on your menu.

We start the first of the Masterclasses in collaboration with the JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe), one of the largest European authorities when it comes to elite gastronomy. Below you can see how the top chefs prepared Cromaris large sea bass and dry aged meagre in a fine dining concept.

Cromaris by JRE chefs

Steamed sea bass fillet, beurre blanc and tenderstem broccoli

Cappellacci with sea bass, fish velouté with saffron and mussels

Dry-aged meagre sashimi

Medium dry-aged meagre loin

Feel free to contact us to access the recipes of above presented dishes!