Lenko Kolega has won the award for the best controller in 2016


Knowledge and innovation are the foundation of our success. The most recent proof of this fact is an award for the best controller in 2016, received by Lenko Kolega, head of the Accounting, Controlling and Finance Department at Cromaris. The award was presented to Lenko on 8 June in Zagreb at an auditing conference organized by the company Poslovna učinkovitost.   “We have managed to create a novel integrated solution for the monitoring of fish farming in cages. We have implemented the SAP ERP standard, which we upgraded with a solution that consolidated all information in one place. Farming process can now be monitored in stages, while before we had to wait for a year or two before we could see whether we had succeeded or not”, said Lenko. He emphasised that the effort and contributions of his colleagues from the Farming Department were critical for the success of this demanding project.   In 2015, the SAP-ERP standard (Enterprise Resource Planning) software was implemented at Cromaris across the entire business. However, due to the specificities of production and the absence of a complete solution, it was necessary to additionally design and develop a completely new non-standard module within the SAP for the fish farming process itself. The new software enabled the production process to be understood to the smallest detail, and allowed all indicators to be monitored by key categories: cage, type of fish, generation, farm or company as a whole.   The large amount of data obtained through the implementation of the new system had to be summarised and translated into information required for decision-making and quality process management. Therefore, the SAP-BI (Business Intelligence) system was additionally implemented. The introduction of the SAP-ERP and SAP-BI systems is a unique example in the industry, making it possible to monitor all key performance indicators of farming process “at the click of a button”, to update data on a daily basis, and to ensure that the reports obtained from the system are transparent and consistent.    “Quality of management decisions depend on the contribution of the controllers and on how well they manage to organize controlling, analysis and reporting. Controlling has to bring value to the company. According to the assessment of the expert committee, the project implemented by Cromaris has succeeded completely”, said committee member Nikola Cvjetković, CFO and Management Board member at AWT INTERNATIONAL, in his speech announcing the winner.

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