Fish One-on-one

We have always placed great emphasis on informing you about our farming of quality Mediterranean fish in carefully selected locations of the Adriatic Sea, the importance of choosing fish of internationally certified exceptional freshness and quality, as well as our own feed recipe that distinguishes Cromaris fish from the competition when it comes to nutritional value. We are aware of the fact that there are still many factors that deter some people from buying fish, such as recognizing its freshness, or even the preparation process itself. That is why we have prepared a video series titled “Fish one-on-one”, the goal of which is to demystify the process of choosing and preparing fresh Mediterranean fish, as well as to make you a real fish connoisseur in a few simple steps!

How to tell if fish is fresh?

How to preserve the freshness of fish in the refrigerator?

How to scale a fish?

How to fillet sea bass?

How to prepare fish for grilling?

How to make a marinade Triestina?

How to gut a fish before cooking?

How to make fish broth?

How to fillet a grilled fish?