Cromaris processing plant is located in Zadar, just a few hours away from Cromaris farms. It started operating in 2012, and through numerous investments, the plant is continuously modernized and upgraded in accordance with the latest technologies and standards for fish processing.

Our role is the production of high-quality products in line with Cromaris’ standards and high efficiency and flexibility in development of new products.

The facility was built according to the principles of good manufacturing and hygiene practice and is certified according to the strictest international food safety standards (BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and IFS Food). In this way, we guarantee our clients and consumers the maximum security of purchasing a healthy and high-quality product of top freshness.

The harvested fish is delivered by Cromaris fleet vessels to the processing plant, where it is automatically graded by size immediately upon arrival. Depending on customer orders, part of the fresh fish packed in boxes is delivered directly to the target market while the other part is processed. Descaling, gutting and filleting of fish is done mechanically with minimal manual manipulation after which processed fresh fish is packed in boxes or recyclable trays. Packing in trays, with MAP or SKIN technology that additionally retains the freshness of the product, is done fully automatically on the latest state-of-the-art equipment currently available on the market.

A special part of the production that requires the highest hygienic standards is intended for the preparation of the deli range products of Cromaris, smoked and marinated products, ready for consumption, prepared by classical traditional methods without the use of artificial additives and preservatives.

All Cromaris products are characterized by superior freshness, quality and rich nutritional value and are produced without added preservatives, additives, antibiotics or GMO ingredients. Cromaris products are created for the most demanding modern consumers focused on tasty, healthy, sustainable and quality food.