Back in 1981, in the town of Nin, not far from Zadar, one of the first fish hatcheries in the Mediterranean was opened by company Cenmar, the predecessor of Cromaris. Cromaris hatchery was completely reconstructed and opened in 2015 and today is one of the most modern hatcheries for sea bass and seabream in the world. With top production technology, we are extremely proud of the invaluable many years of experience and know-how of our professional team, which from year to year improves production technology align with top quality standards.

Additional confirmation of quality and the highest standards is confirmed by GlobalG.A.P. certificate for all our juveniles as well as the part of the production which is certified for the organic production for our Cromaris Organic portfolio.

The hatchery is divided into broodstock, breeding units from the larval stage through metamorphosis to juveniles and departments for the production of zooplankton and phytoplankton, which are the first feed of our fish. All units have separated filtration systems, which allows the creation of optimal zoohygienic conditions. The production process follows the natural photo period of the fish with special attention to animal welfare. When the juvenils reach weight of 3-5 grams they are transfered in the transport pools to our farms where its breeding cycle continues. Apart from focus on regular production of juveniles of sea bass and seabream, there is a great work of our team behind research & development of breeding juveniles of the new species.