Cromaris Products Win the Superior Taste Award for the Second Year in a Row


The Superior Taste Award awarded by iTQi (International Taste & Quality Institute), based in Brussels, is a guarantee of excellent flavour and high quality of products. Products are evaluated through a blind test, based on their appearance, aroma, texture and flavour, with judges unaware of the brand and the origin of the product being tested. Cromaris won the Superior Taste Award 2019 for all three of its tested products: sea bass, sea bream and meagre. Our sea bass was awarded the maximum three gold stars for its exquisite flavour again this year, with a score of 91.3%, while sea bream (87.4%) and meagre (88.5%) were both awarded two stars for their excellent flavour as well. The superior quality of our products is of the utmost importance to us. We want to offer our consumers only the freshest fish with the best nutrients and flavour, which was recognized for the second year in a row by judges chosen among the most prestigious culinary associations. Cromaris is the only Mediterranean whitefish producer to win an award for all three tested products.

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