Cromaris obtains right to use Healthy Living label


Healthy Living is a national public healthcare project of the Croatian Institute of Public Health aimed towards promoting health and creating the potential for good health which would counteract future health issues and health risks. The programme promotes a healthy diet and exercise for the purpose of preventing obesity, as well as maintaining and improving mental and sexual/reproductive health.   With regard to health and diet-related activities, the Croatian Institute of Public Health awards the “Healthy living” seal of guarantee to products meeting the criteria stipulated by the Institute, the objective of which is providing additional information to consumers and providing them with a simple way of selecting food containing ingredients suitable for a healthy diet.   Fresh fish by Cromaris met the specific criteria for raw fish, which stipulated that the saturated fatty acid content may be at a maximum of 4g/100g, and salt content at a maximum of 1g/100g.   This is further proof that Cromaris fish is an excellent choice for a healthy and balanced diet.   The Public Health Institute of Zadar County organised the 18th “Healthy living” conference in Zadar’s municipal library on 23 April 2018. The conference marked the official start of the implementation of the “Healthy Living” campaign in Zadar County, where Lea Pollak, PhD, Head of the Department of Food Supplements and Biologically Active Compounds of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, awarded Cromaris d.d. with a plaque of the Healthy Living label for the compliance of its products with the above-mentioned criteria.   You can find out more about Cromaris certificates.   Picture copyright: City library Zadar

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