Cromaris invests in pre-farm facility in Mala Lamjana


The head of Kali municipality, Mr. Duško Vidov and Cromaris director Goran Markulin signed the cooperation agreement on March 24th 2014. Cromaris committed to reconstruct its facilities in Kali municipality and invest in modernization of the production.  – Investments in Kali, i.e. Mala Lamjana are a part of a large hatchery and pre-farming development project. We initiated a procedure which will help Cromaris to obtain physical planning and design documentation for the part of coast included in this investment, which is also a significant event for us. This investment is very important, for island of Ugljan and Kali in particular, but also for a wider community. This investment guarantees active operation of the Cromaris facility and opening of new jobs. – said Duško Vidov, Head of Kali municipality.  The CEO of Cromaris, Goran Markulin, explained that this investment is a key investment in fish industry technology.  – Reconstruction of the plant in Nin built in 1981 into one of the most modern plants in Europe for breeding fry is worth around 11 million euros. Pre-farming facility in Kali is a natural continuation of the technological process from the hatchery. Due to increased workload a dozen of new jobs will open in Kali. It is not necessary to stress out how significant each workplace is nowadays, especially the one on the islands. According to the plan, the hatchery in Nin and pre-farming facility in Kali will produce 30 million of juveniles. It would eventually put an end to the expensive importing of fry from the European markets, and facilitate supply of the produced sea bass and sea bream fry to other Croatian farmers, which will be more convenient to them, both in regard to quality and cost effectiveness – Markulin said, pointing out also that this also means a better cooperation between the strongest Croatian fish breeding company industry and top fishing municipality in Croatia. Cromaris plans to invest in pools for additional nutrition of fry which arrives to Lamjana from their hatcheries.   The first construction phase of the new hatchery in Nin will be completed in early 2015 and the facility will immediately be put into operation, as well as pre-farming facility in Lamjana. Investments will result in fry of better quality, which will better adapt to open sea farming where they will be placed at a weight of six grams.

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