Cromaris initiates restoration of Nin hatchery


In the past five years Cromaris has invested more than 200 million kuna to modernize white fish farming technology, which in 2013 resulted in 35% of increased production. Sales in 2013 were about 4 times higher than the sales in 2009. The largest current investment project of Cromaris is the reconstruction of the hatchery in Nin.   – The hatchery is the heart of every major company in aquaculture. Cromaris hatchery was among the first hatcheries in Europe for sea bass and sea bream, it has a more than 30 year long tradition. But, today, technology has advanced, and development of Cromaris requires for greater fry production capacities. Therefore, it is necessary to expand and modernize the hatchery as its capacity is insufficient. During this and the next year we will invest around 11 million EUR in the facility and additional structures. Our aim is to achieve the capacity which will fulfill our needs, and at the same time enable us to offer fry to other Croatian farmers. The new hatchery will be a representative facility, at the same level of development as some of the most modern European hatcheries today, said Goran Markulin, CEO.   Cromaris plans to sell over 5.000 tonnes in 2014, which would make the company the 10th largest white fish – sea bass and sea bream – farming company in the Mediterranean. Along with investments in the manufacturing process, the company is investing in marketing and positioning in the domestic and foreign markets, out of which the Italian market, as is the largest consumer of sea bass and sea bream in the world, has to be singled out. In 2013, the company has had a bit more than 2% of the market share in the Italian farmed sea bass and sea bream market.

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