Media campaigns

The development of Cromaris products and the entire brand was accompanied by national TV campaigns that always sought to communicate to consumers the freshness and quality of Cromaris products, while the launch of packaged products their benefits for consumers.
Cromaris launched its first TV campaign in 2013. and to date, 6 media campaigns have been launched in Croatia and Italy, and one in Slovenia in 2019.

Media campaign ‘’Cromaris Il Branzino’’

The protagonist of the Cromaris TV spot for the Italian market is chef Giorgio Locatelli, one of the most famous European culinary media stars, owner of several prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants, and judge on the Italian Masterchef since 2017. The superior taste of the award-winning Cromaris sea bass in the magnificent interpretation by Giorgio Locatelli was confirmed by our football virtuoso and Croatian sports icon, Zvonimir Boban.

Media campaign ‘’Cromaris Aquaman’’

The launch of Cromaris fillets and steaks in skin packaging was accompanied by a media campaign. The campaign was created by the agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey. Check out our hero’s fight against a sea monster in the ad below:

TV campaign ‘’Fish experts choose Cromaris’’

In a sea of good stories, we’ve found the best stories from the sea!

How to choose the best fish? We have asked some of the biggest experts – the team from the depths of the sea. In this media campaign you can see what their everyday lives look like… and they all agree on one thing: Fish experts choose Cromaris! The campaign was created by the Bruketa&Žinić&Grey agency in cooperation with Ivan Šarić.

TV campaign ‘’Fresh from Adriatic sea’’

Media campaigns that communicate to consumers the origin, quality, extra freshness and certification of Cromaris fish as a perfect choice to prepare healthy and delicious meal for your family.

TV campaign ‘’Fisherman and Dolphin’’

The plot of the video takes place in beautiful and unique marine scenery of Košara and Lamjana farms in Dalmatia. Marko Domijan, Cromaris farms manager, who spent his whole working life in aquaculture, was casted for the main role in the video.

Media campaign “Well raised fish”

With our media campaign “Well raised fish” we wanted to send a message to fresh fish consumers that our fish is truly “well raised fish” because of the exceptional attention given to farming in the clean Adriatic Sea. Fish farms located in the northern and central Adriatic, the technologically advanced process of fish farming, operational excellence, adherence to strict environmental standards and traceability all guarantee the delivery of certified-quality fresh fish in a minimum time frame to customers across Europe.

Campaign was published in one of the world’s most prominent magazines celebrating creative excellence in the marketing communications industry ‘Lürzer’s Archive’ based in Vienna:

Additionally New York museum „Poster House“ had included our ads in its permanent collection of global creative achievements:

The ads that impressed the creative industry were designed by the agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey and this is yet another recognition of creative communication solutions developed as part of our successful collaboration over many years.