Bio Suisse – a new organic certificate for Cromaris


After intensive preparations and demanding audit, Cromaris obtained Bio Suisse certification at the beginning of June, which guarantees that Cromaris organic products can be sold as BIOSUISSE ORGANIC.  Bio Suisse is the leading organic organization in Switzerland. The Bio Suisse import policy requires compliance with strict market policy principles, technical aspects and environmental conditions:

  • As a matter of principle, only such products may be imported that cannot be produced by Swiss organic farms at all, or not in sufficient quantity
  • Priority is given to imports from the nearest production regions or countries
  • Processing is carried out in Switzerland whenever this is possible and reasonable
  • No import of fresh produce from overseas (except for products that cannot be produced in European countries for climatic reasons)
  • No air freight
  • Rigorous control of the flow of goods – traceability back to the producer of the raw material is checked for every import

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