Award-winning Excellence in Taste and Quality of Cromaris Products


Cromaris, the leading Croatian company in Mediterranean white fish farming and the seventh-largest company in the world in sea bream and sea bass farming, has once again proven its excellence on the international stage. This year, Cromaris won the prestigious Superior Taste Award for superior quality and taste for all submitted products, further strengthening its position among producers of the highest quality fish in Europe.

Sea bass, one of the most popular fish offered by Cromaris, has been awarded three gold stars for the seventh year in a row, making it the only recipient of the prestigious Diamond Taste Award. This award is given to products that stand out for their exceptional richness of taste, texture, and aroma. Cromaris sea bass is exactly that—a true treat for the palate. Its tender, juicy meat and rich flavor win you over at the first bite, a quality recognized by the experts on the international jury.

In addition to sea bass, all other Cromaris farming species, including sea bream, meagre, and dentex, have been awarded the Superior Taste Award. This accolade confirms that Cromaris offers an excellent combination of taste and quality, satisfying even the most discerning gourmets. The distinctive, rich taste and perfect texture of Cromaris products make them an ideal choice for all fish lovers.

It is particularly noteworthy that the BIO products from Cromaris’ range of organically farmed fish were also awarded this year for the first time. BIO sea bream, BIO sea bass, and BIO meagre received awards for their top quality and authentic taste. Cromaris BIO fish is not only delicious but also grown with special attention to strict ecological standards. These recognitions reflect our efforts and prove that Cromaris provides consumers with fish of the highest quality and exceptional taste.

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