Cromaris Italia

Italy is the world’s biggest market for sea bass and seabream where Cromaris is selling main part of its production. As of March 2013. we are present in Italy with our own company Cromaris Italia srl.

The company is located in Casale sul Sile near Treviso and is 100% owned by Cromaris d.d. The Italian company ensures desired market presence and communication with customers of Cromaris products. Cromaris currently holds more then 8% of italian market.

Cromaris is constantly investing in marketing in Italy through ATL campaigns (TV), as well active presence on social media channels (IG) and numerous other promotional activities.


Via delle Industrie n 2/1
31032 Casale sul Sile TV, Italija
OIB: 04571800269

tel.: +39 0422 786 948
fax.: +39 0422 786 948
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