2020 Sustainability Report

Cromaris, a member of Adris Group, is at the forefront of the forthcoming development of Mediterranean aquaculture, contributing its knowledge, experience and innovation to the future of our industry. It fills us with great pride that we were the first company in Mediterranean aquaculture industry that published in 2020. yearly Sustainability Report and among other aspects to set a good example to other seabass and seabream producers around the globe in this extremely important aspect.

Sustainability is embedded in the heart of our company. We are proud holders of a great many certificates that confirm our alliance with the environment and our performance in harmony with nature. Having fully grasped the severity of climate change, last year we went one-step further. Our carbon footprint calculations and measures adopted to reduce climate change in the future will help us integrate sustainability into our business processes throughout the company. We need to control our own emissions knowing how clearly and undeniably ubiquitous the effects of climate change are. The time has come to put an end to this although, admittedly, aquaculture is one of the industries with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions and the most efficient food source for animal protein.

We are thrilled to be able to spearhead the whole industry in aspects concerning consumer health and safety, animal welfare and sustainability as well as product taste and quality, which spurs us on to continue pursuing our commitment to the uncompromising top quality policy in the future.  

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